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The Slave Mother, Best Telenovela at the Seoul Drama Awards

The show from Record took a big prize home this past Thursday at the Seoul International Drama Awards after being named the best telenovela of 2016. It went head to head with Turkish, Colombian, Portuguese and Russian telenovelas. 

The Slave Mother (Escrava Mãe), a hit telenovela produced and distributed by Record, won big on Thursday night in Korea amidst the Seoul Drama Awards after being crowned the best telenovela of 2016.

The show shared the nomination with other important telenovelas like Colombia's Francisco, the mathematician class 2017, one of RCN Television's biggest bet of the year.

Other important contenders include Turkish shows Brave and Beautiful and Heart of The City, both produced by Ay Yapim and distribute by Eccho Rights.

Another important show in competition was Grand Hotel, the Egyptian adaptation from Beelink Productions of the successful Spanish series Gran Hotel, produced by Bambu Productions for Antena 3.

The roster was completed by Portugal's More Than Love (Amor Maior); Russia's Detective Anna; and Lebanese show Samra, from Sabbah Media Corporation. 

The Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) have been in place for over 12 years and award the best television productions on the international arena.

Written by Gustavo Reiz and directed by Ivan Zettel, The Slave Mother is considered a prequel to Slave Isaura (Escrava Isaura), which was broadcasted on 2004 with great success both internationally and locally.

The telenovela, produced in Sao Paulo, has a stellar cast that includes Gabriela Moreyra, Pedro Carvalho, Thais Fersoza, Fernando Pavão and Jussara Freire, among others.

The show follows Juliana, a girl born from the violent encounter her mother suffers in a merchant ship carrying slaves. When she turns eighteen, she finds out the truth of what happened and since then swears not to let any white man come close to her.

Slave Mother has 158 episodes and premiered in Brazil with 14 rating points and a 37% screen share. The telenovela is a Rede Record production alongside Casablanca Studios.

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