Sofa Vanoli - 29/05/2015

ttv Preview: 5 Entertainment Formats Taking Over Mipcom

This Mipcom appears to be all about formats. After The Wit declared format's to be the hottest genre on its database, ttvnews gives you an outlook of the Top 5 formats to look out for at the market. 

The Perfect Question

Production: Talpa Productions
Distribution: Talpa Global
Format: 60'
Genre: Game Show

Broadcasted in the Netherlands on SBS 6, the show offers a different take on the format where contestants turn into quiz masters for the audience. he more wrong answers they get, the more points, but more than 50 wrong answers and they can walk away with nothing.

Masters of Dance

Production: Tedy Productions
Distribution: Keshet International
Format: 60' / 90'
Genre: Talent Show

The format hails from the same partners who have been behind Rising Star, Master Class and A Star Is Born. It presents four renowned dance professionals taking on the challenge of forming a new company of dancers to compete for the title of Master of Dance. It premiered in Israel on Keshet Broadcasting and has already been commissioned for a second season.


Castaway Television Productions
Distribution: Banijay Rights
Format: 60'
Genre: Adventure Reality

The reality series tests the spirit of a group of ordinary people marooned on an uninhabited tropical island. With little more than their animal cunning, they must learn to survive and compete in increasingly difficult tests. At the end of every episode, the castaways gather to vote one of their group off the island.

In and Out
Distribution: Global Agency
Genre: Game Show
In and Out is an exciting game show where your money prize can be increased or divided, or you can go bankrupt at any moment! Global Agency will present the format at Mipcom, giving participants the chance to win up to €10,000.

1 vs. 10

Inter Medya 
Format: 60'
Genre: Game Show

Distributed by Inter Medya, 1 vs. 10 is an app based show easily adaptable. One contestant will be asked ten questions, but instead of answering he needs to choose one person among ten, who he thinks would not know the answer. If that person answers correctly, he wins. If not, the contestant wins!

Join Instant

Production: Inter Medya
Distribution: Inter Medya
Format: 60’
Genre: Game Show

Viewers participate live on the show via a second screen app that allows them to join the contest from their home, while there is one host and several celebrities on set that participate alongside audiences. 

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