@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

ttvPreview: The 6 Kids & Teens Series to Look Out For at Natpe Miami

From toddlers to teens, from animation to live action. ttvnews presents a selection of exciting new kids & teens shows to keep an eye out for at the upcoming Natpe in Miami.

Heidi, Welcome Home
Distribution: Mondo TV Iberoamérica
Genre: Live Action
Format: 60 x 45' o 120 x 24'
The series reinterprets the classic children's novel, bringing a true image of Heidi to the television screen, with a modern touch, full of comedy and music.
Oggy and the Cockroaches
Distribution: Xilam
Format: 270 X 7' o 91 x 30'
Genre: Animated Series
The series follows the adventures of the cat Oggy and his unusual enemies, the cockroaches Joey, Deedee and Marky.
Distribution: Imira Entertainment
Production: FUN Union
Genre: Animated Series
The 3D CGI/live video BabyRiki has five dinky 3D CGI round-ball heroes live an adventure and sing a song. 
Angry Birds Blues
Distribution: CAKE Entertainment
Format: 30 x 2'30''
Genre: Animated Series
A comedy series for kids 6-12, starring the noisy and hillarious bluebirds from The Angry Birds Movie.
Luo Bao Bei
Distribution: 9 Story Media
Format: 52 x 11'
Genre: Animated Series
Luo Bao Bei is a bright and energetic 7-year-old girl with a great imagination, who is on a quest to understand the world around her.
Zorro, the Chronicles
Distribution: Cyber Group Studios
Format: 26 x 22'
Genre: Animated Series
The series introduces the extraordinary and most famous masked hero in his quest for justice. 

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