@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

ttv@buyers: Linear vs Non-Linear

In our fourth ttv@buyers from Miptv, the main highlights are the search for thriller series, high-quality documentaries, kids' animated content and, as always, entertainment formats.

*By Gonzalo Larrea and Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France.
On the last day of Miptv and despite the bad weather, the search for new content continues. This time, three executives from different companies and genres offered insight into their acquisitions strategy.
Facundo Bailez from NBCUniversal International expressed his interest in thrillers: "We are looking for series for our three networks in Iberia, mainly within the crime and thriller genre for our Calle 13 network. The content we're looking for will air this year."
Another one of the companies that made its way to Cannes with a clear goal is Argentina's Acceleration Media. Sebastián Vibes said to have three clear objectives: "I came with three goals: animation, scripted and non-scripted."
"What I'm seeing is the market is very divided and the strategy we're suggesting is that, for example when it comes to animation -which has infinite business models and content offers- one must be very precise with what you look for. Of course, there are always opportunities, such as in Italy and the content share. One must be creative and optimize resources," he said.
"I also see the linear and non-linear worlds being very polarized. We have to find specific strategies, but definitely what's ideal is to use fiction content for the platforms, and non-scripted and scripted for broadcast and pay TV networks, meaning linear TV."
Esther Van Messel from First Hand Films, offered a different point of view in terms of the search for documentaries: "We analyze close to 1000 projects a year, from which we chose only 10, which gives you an idea of how competitive it is and how hard it is for producers to be a part of this selection. We take only those contents that participate in festivals like Cannes or Berlin."

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