Thursday, October 23, 2014

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E! Latin America's Special Coverage of the Golden Globe Awards
The network will broadcast live from the red carpet in Beverly Hills. Patricia Zavala will host E!'s special coverage of this major event in the entertainment industry.
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01/12/2012 01:58:00 p.m.
Patricia Zavala, host f E! Latin America for the Golden Globe Awards 2012.
The annual Golden Globe Awards will be held this Sunday, January 15, in Beverly Hills, and E! Latin America will broadcast it live from the red carpet. This year, the network will cover the award ceremony's red carpet arrivals with Patricia Zavala as host.

The ex Miss E! Venezuela will be live from Beverly Hills for E! Latin News, showing all the celebrity arrivals at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and their walk down the red carpet to the award ceremony.

The Golden Globe Awards will air live at 5:00 PM (Mexico time) this Sunday on E!. In Addition, a special show will be premiered on January 20, in which John Paul Ospina and Patricia Zavala will reveal behind the scenes details from the ceremony.
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