Friday, December 19, 2014

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María Bonaria Fois: "We are Acquiring Latin American Catalogs to Take to Europe"
The Mondo TV executive leading the company's operation in Spain, Portugal and Latin America attended the Brazil Forum playing two roles at the same time: promote the company's products and bring Latin American content to Europe.
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María Bonaria Fois, general director for Spain, Portugal and Latin America at Mondo TV.
Mondo TV attended the Brazil Forum for the second time, represented by its general director for Spain, Portugal and Latin America Bonaira Fois. "We are currently trying to expand Mondo TV's business in Spain," the executive told ttv during the Forum. The Spanish division was born to serve as a distributor for Mondo TV Italy, which owns 1,200 half-hours of series, 50 feature films and a 35 year-old track-record in the production business. "We have considered taking many alternative products to incorporate them to Mondo's catalog for Europe. Since Mondo produces animation and Latin America produces many telenovelas and teen series that are yielding very good results in Europe now, we have decided to share and exchange," she said.

The company is currently playing two roles at the same time: distributing Mondo TV's catalog in Latin America and doing the same thing with Latin products in Europe. "We are getting hold of some Latin American catalogs to take them to Europe," she said. As for the company's participation in the Brazil Forum, Bonaria said that she was looking for products in the kids & teens genre but also "Brazilian products, including drama, which has not been distributed in Portuguese-speaking Europe and Africa," considering how close Africa actually is to Europe and their similar TV timeslots.

Bonaria explained that the company is not yet representing full catalogs but specific products. "Knowing what RAI, Mediaset or Televisión Española normally looks for, I look for a specific product, buy it and then re-sell it. I may acquire catalogs by Latin distributors that I have known for a long time but this is not about forming alliances in paper but about sealing oral agreements. If the chance comes up later on, then the agreement might be broadened through a joint venture or a strategic alliance," she said.
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"At this market I have also found buyers from Latin America and it has been a good opportunity to promote Mondo's catalog. We also have new series that come with a toy-development license and spin-off products that we also need to promote," the executive said.

In the past, when an animation series were created, the entertainment product itself used to concentrate all of the attention. "Broadcasters had their animation slots and all of them were buying content. Now the market has changed a lot and products for kids are less and less profitable because one minute in advertising costs so little that having a whole timeslot for kids isn't profitable anymore. Instead, broadcasters are replacing them with shows for women, teenagers, for partners with a larger capacity to acquire products and invest in advertising," she said.

Mondo TV has then decided to concentrate its efforts on producing more commercial series, conceiving its several licenses from square one, whether it's toys, textiles, shoes, back to school products or any other license. "In this way we have one additional advantage that is our very successful collaboration with Giochi Prezioso, the European giant for toy production and distribution, which has its own toys. So we are now developing our series based on them," Bonaria said. Such is the case of titles like Dinofroz -launched at MIP Junior 2010-, Power Buggz, Playtime Buddies and Angel's Friends, all of them sold with a business plan for spin-off products.

Bonaira also commented on the catalog's performance across regional screens. "We have sold practically the entire animation and feature film catalog to regional broadcasters in Brazil and Mexico. We have sold educational shows to Ecuador TV, religious shows to Chile's Channel 13, Angel's Friends to Venevisión in Venezuela and also in Peru, through a deal with Frecuencia Latina," she concluded.

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