Nasdrovia to Premiere on Movistar+ on November 6

Movistar+ presented Nasdrovia at the Vitoria FesTVal and announced its premiere date.

As part of the FesTVal, the Vitoria-Gasteiz Television Festival, Movistar+ presented its new original series Nasdrovia, starring Leonor Watling and Hugo Silva.

The comedy, produced in collaboration with Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio), will premiere next Friday, November 6 on Movistar+.

Based on the novel written by Sarria himself, El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho, Nasdrovia revolves around a mid-life crisis experienced by two lawyers, Edurne and Julián, and how in this flight they will end up facing the Russian mafia, and finding themselves.

“It is a different comedy that has not been seen before. It has a lot of thriller and has a surprising protagonist,” said Susana Herreras, executive producer of the series.

In this sense, Javier Pons, CEO of Globomedia also highlighted the originality of the project: “Nasdrovia will surprise you with its unique approach, breaking boundaries between genres. A comedy that… perhaps is not so much”.

“Leonor Watling and Hugo Silva lead an excellent cast led by Marc Vigil and which comes full of later surprises from the East,” he added.

Sergio Sarria, creator and author of the novel in which the series is inspired, commented that “unlike the novel, we wanted the series to star a powerful female character who broke with so much testosterone. And we believe that the result is very good”.

“One of the keys to filming has been the good harmony that has been between all the teams. It has made the series grow,” he said. “Everything has been very simple despite the complexity of the project,” added Miguel Esteban, creator with Sarria and Pérez.

Marc Vigil, behind the scenes in that fiction project, said: “I am very proud of Nasdrovia. It is a different comedy; the kind of comedy that I have always wanted and never been able to carry out. I have found some incredible partners for this fiction”.