Ottera’s VP of Business Growth led the “FAST Monetization: Challenges & Strategies for Success” panel.

*with production by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cancún, Mexico

A boiling universe is ready to completely explode, this is how Adriana Frías, VP of Business Growth at Ottera, described the world of FAST channels, during her participation in MipCancun 2023.

Frías was in charge of the second panel of the first day of the event, titled “FAST Monetization: Challenges & Strategies for Success”, where she spoke about the challenges that FAST channels face in terms of monetization.

“We came to talk about how we can create strategies and how we can help everyone face these advertising challenges that are occurring in the market in order to grow in this medium that will explode in 2024,” commented the executive.

“The idea was to introduce, educate and help the audience with this learning curve that we have in front of us and in which we all have to contribute and generate alliances,” she added.

During his speech, Frías pointed out: “84% of Mexicans agree to see ads in their content, 73% of Argentines and 78% of Brazilians, which tells us that this will help the monetization and growth of the channels. FAST”.