The worldwide premiere is set for October 11th.

A+E Networks announced a new original Korean scripted series, A Good Day to Be a Dog starring renowned Korean stars Cha Eun-woo (Island, True Beauty) and Park Kyu-young (Netflix’s Celebrity). The Worldwide Premiere is set for October 11th.

The heartwarming romantic comedy will also premiere in Korea on MBC and Lifetime Korea, it was announced today by Youngsun Soh, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, A+E Korea.

Since launching A+E Networks Korea, A+E Networks has consistently built an impressive slate by investing and distributing highly commercial scripted titles. Based on the worldwide hit webtoon series of the same name, A Good Day to Be a Dog brings together a cast of the hottest young stars in Korea with a universal story of mistaken identities, misunderstandings and love that overcomes the most dogged obstacles.

“A+E Networks Korea is thrilled to bring such a renowned webtoon to life as a scripted drama series — and with such massive stars in Cha Eun-Woo and Park Kyu-Young. It’s what we do best! Presenting unique and innovative stories that defy conventional norms,” said Soh. “The ideation, innovation and overall production of A Good Day to Be a Dog has enabled us to build upon our diverse and creative portfolio. As a global media company, we aim to discover and provide exceptional content around the world as well as reinforce the creation of new IP in the Korean market.”

A Good Day to Be a Dog is a quirky fantasy romance drama about “Han Hae-na,” a young woman who has a family secret: when she kisses someone, she transforms into a dog at midnight. And the only way to break the curse is to have the same person kiss her in her canine form. Ironically, “Jin Seo-won,” who is deathly afraid of all dogs is the only person who can free her from this lifelong predicament.

A+E Networks is leading the charge in production of premium Korean dramas among global media companies in Korea. As a global media company, A+E Networks thoroughly understands and utilizes the overall Korean ecosystem to build solid partnerships with other production and media companies in Asia. Its ability has led to producing high-quality original dramas such as If You Wish Upon Me, Woori the Virgin, and Backstreet Rookie and has enabled A+E to dominate the top ranks on the global media chart. A+E Networks will continue to demonstrate the power of its premium Korean dramas through A Good Day to Be a Dog.