The Director of Sales and Format Liaison for LatAm of NBCUniversal Media; highlights to ttvnews the great moment that the adaptation of scripted formats is experiencing in the international market.

The boom that fiction is currently experiencing, and that accompanies the so-called “Golden Age” of TV, is one of the factors that determines the high demand for successful fictions.

In addition to original fiction projects, the acquisition of scripted formats makes it possible to ensure, through the track record of its original performances, greater possibilities for an international adaptation.

“I think fiction formats have suddenly found great opportunities,” Albertina Marfil, Director of Sales and Format Liaison for LatAm at NBCUniversal Media, told ttvnews. “Ever since the platforms joined the market, people are eager to devour fiction.”

“What a fiction format offers is a great percentage of the path resolved, it reduces risks and adds a lot of benefits. When you buy a format, you know what the story is about, what is written by Hollywood writers, or wherever, with a proven track record. Very well done scripts, with well-constructed stories.”

The executive underlines the point: “The challenge is to adapt them to the local country, and take a new route that has to do with locating the product, to the point that it is seen and felt as something local, not an adaptation. It’s a fascinating process, and I think we’re doing some really cool stuff right now.”