All Together Now to Premiere in Argentina on July 25

Argentine channel, El trece, announced the premiere date for Canta Conmigo, the local version of Banijay’s singing format, which will be hosted by local star Marcelo Tinelli.

El trece network from Argentina confirmed the premiere date of the local edition of All Together Now, Banijay’s singing competition.

Under the local title Canta conmigo, the format will premiere next Monday, July 25.

The local edition is a LaFlia production and will be hosted by Argentine star Marcelo Tinelli.

“It is a very ambitious format, with an incredible stake on stage: a jury of 100 people and with a very prominent height in the studio,” Michelle Wasserman, SVP of Banijay Rights for Latin America, the US Hispanic and Brazil told ttvnews.

“In Colombia we have made a daily format, and now we are replicating it again in Argentina, but with a much longer duration and, hand in hand with one of the main hosts in the history of Argentine TV: Marcelo Tinelli”, underlined the executive.

All Together Now is a format where emotions run high as hopefuls take the stage to sing in front of a carefully selected studio “choir”: a cast of 100 great singers, and it is these 100 who decide the fate of each contestant.

In Canta conmigo, the 100 professionals will have names like Cristian Castro, El Puma Rodríguez, Coti Sorokin, Cande Tinelli, Manuel Wirtz or El Bahiano, among others.