After having broadcast El desafío: ETA, Amazon Prime Video announced a new collaboration with Par Producciones (formerly Cuerdos de Atar Producciones) for a documentary series now focused on the 11M attacks in Madrid.

Amazon Prime Video announced on Wednesday a second installment of the Amazon Original documentary series, El desafío.

After the unprecedented interest that aroused the first season that addressed the history of the terrorist gang ETA, now comes El desafío: 11M.

The series will focus on the events surrounding the terrorist attack that took place in Madrid on March 11, 2004, which caused 191 fatalities. El desafío: 11M will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in 2022 in more than 240 countries and territories around the world.

El desafío: 11M is directed by Carlos Agulló and consists of four 60-minute episodes.

The focus will be on the never-before-seen events surrounding the terrible terrorist attack in which emergency services and thousands of anonymous heroes collaborated to help the victims of the attack, and turned Madrid into an example of solidarity, courage and citizen union . The documentary series will feature the testimonies of survivors, as well as interviews with renowned journalists, judges, senior police officers, political leaders and witnesses, who will offer their personal views of what happened during the attack on one of the busiest cities in Europe.

Produced by Par Producciones (formerly Cuerdos de Atar Producciones), El desafío: 11M will use hybrid virtual production technology, which allows the creation of highly realistic digital environments using the Unreal Engine graphics engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation platform.