The Brazilian adaptation of the hit Israeli drama, Allenby, which aired successfully on TNT Brazil, will premiere for Amazon Prime Video subscribers this month.

Amazon Prime Video has licensed the finished series of Rua Augusta, the Brazilian adaptation of the hit Israeli drama Allenby, from Armoza Formats.

The streaming service has acquired the finished tapes of the series for Latin America.

Rua Augusta, which aired successfully on TNT Brazil, premieres for subscribers in July.

Based off the novel Allenby Street by Gadi Taub, Rua Augusta (60’) is an addictive psychological drama that takes place on Rua Augusta, in the depths of São Paulo´s night life. When a beautiful and alluring stripper falls victim to an aggressive assault, she is plunged into a nightmare that only she can put right.

This show gives a gripping insight into the secret underworld of a strippers’ bar and gives access to a world that is famously restricted, revealing complex characters who live their lives on suspicion, venality and desire. Safety is a precious commodity on Rua Augusta: trust no one.

Armoza Formats is distributing the series both as finished tapes and as a format.

Amos Neumann, COO of Armoza Formats, “Told through a thoughtful and high-quality production, ‘Allenby’s’ unique perspective into the city’s thrilling nightlife is one that is captivating to viewers worldwide. The issues that are tackled in the series are prevalent in every country and we are sure that Prime Video members in Latin America will be able to connect to the realism of the series in a deep and meaningful way.”