The Fremantle and Fabula series received the green light from Amazon Prime Video for a second season.

Fremantle, Fabula and Amazon Prime Video announced Thursday that the psychological thriller The Pack (La Jauría) will return with a second season.

The announcement came less than two weeks after the series premiered -July 10- on Amazon Prime Video in Latin America and Spain.

“We are extremely proud of The Pack. In the political climate, the fight for justice and gender equality at the international level that is lived today, the first season is more relevant than ever. This was evident with the tremendous response it lost before it was released on Amazon Prime Video in Latin America and Spain,” said Christian Vesper, EVP, creative director of Global Drama in Fremantle.

“The second season is based both on the suspense aspects of the first and on exploring even bigger ideas about gender justice and politics. Lucia, the Larrains and the entire Fabula team are incredibly talented and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the second season,” he added.

“For Fabula it is very important to tell our stories from Chile to the rest of the world. A second season of The Pack is also a recognition of the talent of our actors and actresses, our technical team, writers, directors and all the professionals who were involved in the process,” said Angela Poblete, regional director of television at Fabula.

“In The Pack, the fantastic women in front of and behind the camera, an intelligent and exciting story, with intrigue, that has delighted our clients in Latin America and Spain,” said Javiera Balmaceda, director of Prime Originals for Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The eight-episode first season tells the story of a girl’s disappearance from a Catholic school who is organizing a protest and unknowingly becomes the center of a police investigation exposing a deadly online game that recruits men to commit acts. of assault on women, which she sells when a video of her own assault goes viral after she disappears.

The series stars Daniela Vega (A Fantastic Woman) and Antonia Zegers (Fugitives), along with Mariana Di Girolamo (Ema, Pituca sin Lucas), Antonia Giesen (Ema, Inés del alma mía), Paula Luchsinger (Ema, Tranquilo Papá )), Alberto Guerra (The Lord of the Skies, Ungovernable), Marcelo Alonso (The Club) and Francisco Reyes (Where is Elisa?).

The series is directed by the renowned Lucía Puenzo (XXY), and produced by Fabula (El Presidente, A Fantastic Woman) and Fremantle (My Brilliant Friend, The Young Pope, American Gods).

Christian Vesper from Fremantle, Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín, Ángela Poblete and Mariane Hartard from Fábula, are executive producers of the series. Fremantle manages the global distribution of this drama series.