Titled La casaca de Dios, the series tells in a comedy tone the secret story behind the shirt that Maradona wore in the legendary match against England at the 1986 World Cup.

Condeco, the new company of seasoned executive Ángel Zambrano, and Argentine production company Frontera Films announced a co-development alliance for La casaca de Dios.

It is an IP created during the pandemic by Ramiro Navarro, president of the production company based in Mendoza, Argentina. When presented to Zambrano, Zambrano quickly identified it as a large-scale project.

As shared by him in a statement, La casaca de Dios is a comedy that tells the secret story behind the shirt that Diego Maradona wore in the legendary Argentina game against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, where the star scored the historic goal known as “the hand of God.”

“After reviewing this story, we quickly agreed with Ramiro that we had something wonderful in our hands and we wanted to develop it,” said Zambrano. “It is a comedy that can be seen by all audiences and we believe that audiences are going to get something fun and exciting.”

Navarro added: “It is a privilege to be able to work alongside such an experienced executive. We come together in a unique project, different from all of them, because the story behind the shirt is not only exciting, but very few people know about it. We are co-developing with a team of scriptwriters what will be a family comedy that crosses three generations due to the particularity of the story.”

The series format is not yet defined. Condeco and Frontera Films plan to start production in 2021.


In La casaca de Dios, three friends who are going through a mid-life crisis discover that the shirt that Maradona wore when he scored the best goal in the history of the World Cup, is exhibited in an English museum. Convinced that the English cursed it so that Argentina will not win a World Cup again, they embark on the riskiest adventure of their lives: stealing the shirt and bringing it back to Argentina.