The excellent results that Atresmedia achieved by broadcasting Mujer on Antena 3’s prime time have led it to bet on a new Turkish drama for its main channel: My Little Girl, distributed by Madd Entertainment.

In July, Atresmedia premiered Mujer (Woman in its international version, Kadın in Turkish) in prime time on Antena 3.

Although the initial idea was that the broadcast on the group’s main chain would serve as a promotion to draw viewers to Nova (the Atresmedia thematic channel where until then it had broadcast all Turkish productions), the move resulted in an unexpected success and soon became the phenomenon of the season, being the audience leader week after week.

And now, Antena 3 began to promote a new Turkish drama which will premiere “very soon” and become the second to reach a large general-channel network in Spain.

This time, it’s My Little Girl (Kızım in Turkish), which will be seen in the Iberian country under the title Mi hija.

With the sale to Spain, Madd Entertainment thus extends the series’ unstoppable international journey.

Among the more than 20 territories that have acquired My Little Girl are Chile (Mega), Peru (Latina), Argentina (Telefe), Bolivia (Unitel), Uruguay (Channel 10), Ecuador (Ecuavisa), Panama (Telemetro), Puerto Rico (Wapa TV), Mexico (Imagen TV) and the US Hispanic (Telemundo).

In these countries it has been seen with different titles, such as Hija , ¿Y tú quién eres?, Mi niña linda, Todo por mi hija or No me olvides.

Produced by Medyapim, the fiction is based on the Korean drama Oh My Geum Bi. The plot revolves around Demir, an irresponsible man who will suddenly have to take care of Öykü, his eight-year-old daughter who has been abandoned by her mother.

My Little Girl stars child star Beren Gökyıldız, known for her role in Mother and Buğra Gülsoy.