Series like Go! Live Your Way, El payaso Plim Plim and Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza, stand out in Parrot Analytics’ ranking of most demanded series in Uruguay, a list that also includes titles from Spain and Mexico.

Being neighboring countries, Uruguay seems to have a soft spot for Argentine productions, being that many of them made their way into Parrot Analytics rankings of most demanded series in the country.

Analyzing the demand for the week of November 11-17, the company found that three Argentine series made it into the general ranking, starting with Showmatch in fourth place with 170.186 Average Demand Expressions (ADE).

Then the children’s series El payaso Plim Plim ranked fifth with 162,687 ADE, followed by Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza in sixth place with 161,140 ADE.

In addition, Mexican series La Rosa de Guadalupe stands out as the only other Hispanic production on the list, in tenth place with 139.333 ADE.

The general list is led by Stranger Things with 252,561 ADE, followed by The Walking Dead (186,046 ADE) and Peppa Pig (184,580 ADE).

Dragon Ball Z (159,097 ADE), Bia (153,903 ADE) and Steven Universe (146,840 ADE) complete the ranking in seventh, eighth and ninth place, respectively.

The Uruguayan demand for Argentine series also extended to the digital realm, where Netflix’s teen series, Go! Live your way, took third place with 72,883 ADE.

On the other hand, the original Netflix series, Narcos, was placed in sixth place with 43.047 ADE, while the Spanish series, A pesar de todo, closed the ranking in tenth place with 34.917 ADE, also standing out as the only other Hispanic series in the list.

Stranger Things also leads the digital ranking, followed by Atypical, in second place with 93,751 ADE.

Titans by DC Universe (71,426 ADE) and 13 Reasons Why by Netflix (47,005 ADE) placed fourth and fifth, respectively,

She-ra And The Princesses Of Power (39,771 ADE), Most Beautiful Thing (39,112 ADE) and The Handmaid’s Tale (34,942 ADE), complete the list in seventh, eighth and ninth places, respectively.