Atresmedia Studios announced the start of production for Mentiras, the Spanish adaptation of all3media international’s series, Liar.

Announced for the first time in early October, Atresmedia Studios began filming Mentiras, the Spanish adaptation of British series Liar, distributed by all3media international.

With a total of six 50-minute episodes, the series will be filmed during this final quarter of 2019 on location in Mallorca and the Community of Madrid.

It will air on Antena 3 and ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

Curro Novallas and Sonia Martínez are the executive producers of the series, which will be directed by Norberto López Amado (The time in between, Mar de plastico) and Curro Novallas himself (High seas).

Marina Velázquez, Javier San Román, Tatiana Rodríguez and Camino López are in charge of the script of Lies, coordinated by Curro Novallas. Juana Jiménez is also the director of photography and Sara Natividad and Yolanda Moreno are in charge of the art direction.

Liar, the original version on which Mentiras is based, was created by Harry Williams and Jack Williams and aired on ITV. It was a co-production of ITV and SundanceTV.

A great cast

In addition to announcing the start of filming, Atresmedia confirmed the final cast of the series, headed by Javier Rey and Ángela Cremonte.

They are accompanied by Manuela Velasco, Miquel Fernández, Víctor Dupla, Itziar Atienza, Paco Tous, Susi Sánchez, Eva Llorach, Óscar Ortuño, Sofia Oria, Khaled Kouka, Clara Segura, Alejandra Lorente, Rubén de Eguía, Fran Cantos, Agnes Llobet, Jorge Kent , Sara Moraleda, Pedro Freijeiro and Rodrigo Sáenz de Heredia.


Laura Munar, a professor of literature at an institute in Palma de Mallorca and recently separated from Iván, her lifelong boyfriend, stays for dinner one night with Xavier Vera, a renowned surgeon on the island and father of one of her students.

The next morning, Laura wakes up alone in her bed with nausea and a great emptiness in her memory. What begins as a physical malaise soon becomes a terrible suspicion: Xavier has drugged and raped her.

With the help of her sister Cata, who works as an anesthetist in the same hospital as Xavier, Laura goes to the police to report Vera for rape. The inspectors Daniela Bauzá and Víctor Silva are in charge of the investigation.

The absence of other stronger evidence makes the case reduced to a question of who to believe: the respectable surgeon who says they had a spoiled relationship or the institute teacher with a history of complaints of harassment and psychological disorders.

Frustrated by the inability of the judicial system to lock her rapist, Laura takes all kinds of actions against Xavier Vera on her own. The duel between Laura and Xavier will increase in intensity until they are taken to extreme situations that put their respective lives at risk.¿}¿¿+