Following Alba, the local remake of Fatmagül that will premiere soon, the Spanish group is now also adapting Turkish drama Mother, from Global Agency. It will be produced by Buendía Estudios.

Atresmedia, a pioneer in taking the Turkish phenomenon to Spain, is taking further steps down this road, announcing another local adaptation of a Turkish drama.

As revealed by Vertele, the company will produce a remake of Mother (Madre in Spanish, Anne in Turkish), the successful production starring Cansu Dere and the little Beren Gökyıldız.

It will be the Atresmedia’s second adaptation of a Turkish title after Alba, a remake of Fatmagül, which is scheduled to premiere before the spring on its Atresplayer Premium platform and then in prime time on Antena 3.

According to the report, the Spanish version of Mother would follow the same broadcast model, already common for Atresmedia fictions.

The production will be developed by Buendía Estudios and will be shot during 2021. It is currently in the script writing phase.

It should be noted that Mother premiered in Spain in March 2019 on Nova, the thematic chain owned by Atresmedia, under the title Mother. Its performance was very good: with a total average share of 4% and 555,000 viewers, it positioned itself well above the channel’s figures.

At the time, it was the sixth Turkish drama to reach Nova, the first broadcast TV channel in Spain to premiere a Turkish drama (Fatmagül, in January 2018). The phenomenon continued to grow and in July 2020, Atresmedia took a risk with the decision to broadcast Woman (Mujer in Spanish, Kadın in Turkish) in the prime time of its big channel Antena 3. The success was such that it decided to repeat the strategy with My Little Girl (Kızım), both leaders of their respective timeslots.

In Turkey, Anne was broadcast on Star TV in the 2016-2017 season. It quickly began its international journey, hand in hand with Global Agency, and became the most exported Turkish series in 2018.

The Turkish series, a co-production of MedYapım and MF Yapım, is based on the Japanese series Anne, produced in 2010 by Nippon TV.

Mother tells the story of Zeynep (Cansu Dere), a young substitute teacher who, upon learning that one of her students, Melek (Beren Gökyıldız), is being abused by her parents, makes the impulsive decision to kidnap her and start a new life with the girl, becoming her “surrogate mother” and having various adventures together.