Premiered last April on Latina TV, the Turkish drama has already made its way into Parrot Analytics’ ranking of the most demanded series in the country. Spanish, Mexican and local productions also stand out, as well as the reunion episode of Friends on HBO Max.

One of the most popular Turkish dramas of the season, Hercai continues to conquer screens in Latin America. Produced by MIA Yapim and distributed by ATV Distribution, the series premiered on April 19 on Peru’s Latina TV and quickly became a favorite with local audiences.

This is demonstrated by the most recent Parrot Analytics ranking of the most popular series in the country, where in the week of May 24 to 30, Hercai ranked second with 13.16 times more demand than the average series.

The great trend in the general list, as it tends to be in the vast majority of countries in the region, is children’s content, which occupies seven of the ten positions in the ranking.

Thus, in first place ranks Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir with 13.8 times more demand than the average series, SpongeBob is fourth with 13.02 times more demand, Attack on Titan is fifth (12.6x), Peppa Pig is sixth (11.7x), Paw Patrol is seventh (11.5x), El payaso Plim Plim is eighth (11.3x) and My Hero Academia is ninth (10.9x).

The rest of the list is occupied by the Hispanic series Al fondo hay Sitio, from Peru, in third place with 13.15 times more demand and La rosa de Guadalupe, from Mexico, in tenth place with 10.8 times more demand.

Hispanic series also made its way into the ranking of the most demanded digital series in the country, with Spain as the great favorite with its series Money Heist, from Netflix, in fourth place with 5.6 times more demand and El Cid, from Amazon Prime Video, in ninth with 3.21 times more demand.

The digital list is led by Netflix’s Stranger Things (7.04x), followed in second place by the Friends reunion episode on HBO Max, which managed to repeat in Peru the overwhelming success it had in the international market, placing second with 6.25 times more demand.

Disney+’s WandaVision closes the podium with 6.17 times more demand, while Cobra Kai and Lucifer, both by Netflix, ranking fifth and sixth with 5.52 and 4.95 times more demand, respectively.

The Mandalorian, from Disney+, follows in seventh place with 4.6 times more demand; The Boys, from Amazon Prime Video, in eighth with 3.49 times more demand, and Black Mirror, from Netflix, closes the list with 2.91 times more demand.