Bambu Producciones and Amazon announced the development of Un asunto privado, a new original series for Amazon in Spain. Teresa Fernandez Valdés, executive producer at Bambu, spoke to ttvnews about the new series.

This Monday, Amazon Prime Video hosted a press conference in Madrid, presented by Georgia Brown, director of European Originals for Amazon Studios, to share the latest news for the platform in Spain.

And the big announcement was the production of a new original Spanish series: Un asunto privado, which will be developed by Bambú Producciones.

“Un asunto privado is our new series for Amazon Prime. It’s the first time we will work together and we are really excited,” Teresa Fernandez Valdés, executive producer at Bambú, said to ttvnews.

According to the executive, the series is set in the 40s in Spain and will have a first eight-episode season, which will begin filming this year to premiere in 2020.

But unlike other Bambú productions, which is a specialist in period pieces, Un asunto privado‘s plot is not marked by romance or drama.

“It’s a story of a 20-year-old girl in the late 40s in Spain. She’s the daughter of a police officer and has that investigative blood in her veins, so she wants to move in a different direction that getting married and having kids,” she said.

“And she is involved in a circumstance where she puts herself at risk and it as if someone wants to murder her, so she becomes obsessed with this case and tries to investigate at all costs who this person is,” she added.

“And to carry out this investigation, she relies on her great confidant, her butler. A man somehow invisible to the eyes of high society and together they make a unique couple, and they travel around the city trying to hunt down this criminal.”

According to the producer, the series will combine several genres and will differ from everything Bambú has done before.

“It is different from other period series that we have told because the main plot is not led by a love story, but the complicity and the thriller that drags this series. We find a somewhat mixed genre in which we are going to watch thriller, comedy and a lot of action,” she explained.

The series will be set in northern Spain, in a city with a port yet to be defined.

It is intended as a multi-season series, so if it’s successful, it could continue on with more episodes.