Sandik Kokusu, the new Turkish drama produced by O3 Media for Show TV and presented by Eccho Rights at MipCancun, is expected to premiere at the end of the month and promises to be a big hit.

*with production by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cancun, Mexico

During MipCancun, Eccho Rights has four promising titles expected to be hugely successful in the Latin American market. The presentation of the new Turkish drama, Sandik Kokusu, is considered one of the most critical activities for the distribution company, which Night Train Media recently acquired. The title is projected to be a big hit by 2024.

Barbora Suster, Eccho Rights’s Director of Sales for Latin America, commented that Sandik Kokusu is the new O3 Media production for Show TV, which has yet to confirm a premiere date but is expected to premiere at the end of November. “We have a presentation and a small clip of the first episode, and it looks like it will be a big hit,” he said.

According to Suster, this drama checks all the essential features that a successful novel has to have. “It is the story of a strong and fighting mother who loses her son, and she will do everything in her power to find him again, but when she finds him, the boy does not remember her and hates her because she rips him from the arms of the person he considers his father.”

The protagonist, played by Özge Özpirinçci (Mujer), must rebuild the relationship with her son in the midst of many changes in her life. “In the almost obsessive search time for her son, everything has broken down for her, her marriage, she is getting divorced and has to return to her mother’s house, with whom the relationship is complicated,” noted Suster.

According to Suster, MipCancun is an excellent market for Eccho, with a significant impact in Latin America, a substantial territory for the company. “We are mainly presenting the second season of Golden Boy, our golden title. The ratings in Turkey are just as phenomenal as season one; we have over 100 territories sold worldwide, and in Latin America, over 80% of the territory is locked.”

The next title they highlight is Ömer, a series in its second season. “An OGM production like Golden Boy, the second season is on Mondays in prime time, raising audiences from installment to installment. It’s a fascinating story, and I think it has a lot of possibilities in the territory; although it hasn’t sold yet, we hope here (at MipCancun) to push sales,” he said.

On the other hand, Redemption is another title that Eccho promotes at MipCancun, with the idea of taking it throughout Latin America. “It is a daily soap opera with many chapters available; in its second season as well, it is the most-watched daily soap opera in Turkey. It is reaching two rating points, which is a marvel; some days, it beats some weekly novellas. Therefore, we are delighted with the results.”

Eccho Rights is bringing four powerful titles to MipCancun to get them to all of Latin America through different platforms.