The director of Sales for Latin America spoke to ttvnews about the distributor’s newest titles and initiatives following the sale of Golden Boy and Chrysalis in Spain and Chile.

During the first edition of Content Americas, an event held from January 24 to 26 at the Hilton Downtown Miami, organized by C21Media, Eccho Rights announced the sale of Golden Boy to Atresmedia in Spain and Mega in Chile, while the latter also acquired Chrysalis.

In dialogue with ttvnews, Barbora Suster, director of Latin America and Iberia at Eccho Rights; shared details about this deal, as well as company news and her vision for the television industry.

During Content Americas, important sales for Ibero-America were announced…

We announced the sales of Golden Boy and Chrysalis. Golden Boy is our most successful title in Turkey. It’s a hit. It’s getting ratings that have not been seen in recent years and obviously that is beginning to show in sales. We have closed an agreement for this title in Spain with Antena 3.

Golden Boy

And, on the other hand, the first window in Latin America will be Mega in Chile, which has bought Golden Boy along with Chrysalis, another very successful product that is in its third season in Turkey. Both titles are produced by the production company OGM Pictures for prime time. Golden Boy airs on Star TV on Fridays and Chrysalis on Thursdays.

With these big sales at the beginning of the year, how is 2023 looking for Eccho Rights?

2023 is starting in a very good way. We are starting with 25 hours on the air in Turkey, which we are showcasing at international markets. We think they will work very well. Golden Boy has been the most watched series in 2022, and starting the year in Miami with that content is very powerful.

And we also have a very successful catalogue: the aforementioned Chrysalis, in its third season, the great new drama Ömer -from the same production company-, a series about impossible love that is getting into Mondays, and that is doing very well… On Sundays we have another one called Forever Together.


How do these prime time dramas complement each other?

This catalog is accompanied by other powerful daily series, which are also doing well in Latin America, as is the case with Legacy, which is already in its season. We have Redeption which is also a new series and Content Americas has been the first market where we have presented it. I would say there is a lot of potential in our catalogue.

In addition to Turkish content, Eccho Rights also develops a line of British original series, what space and opportunities do they have within the offer that the company brings to the region?

Aside from Turkish content, which, of course, is the most important and powerful content for Latin America, we have offices in London, where we develop another leg of the catalogue, which are UK productions, in English. They are short series, between three and six episodes. There is a very powerful and extensive pipeline. From my point of view, these series have more outlets in Europe and on platforms and cable, than broadcast TV in Latin America.