The VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions of Inter Medya commented on the screening held this Wednesday at the Cancun Theatre.

*with production by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cancún, Mexico

Wednesday was chosen by Inter Medya to carry out the screening of Leylifer, its main content for MipCancun 2023, which is being held these days at the Moon Palace Resort Hotel in the Mexican city.

“Today we had the screening of Leylifer, our first co-production with Caracol Televisión in Latin America,” said Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and head of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya. “The truth is that the room has been full. The title has had a very positive acceptance.”

“Everyone has congratulated us so we are very happy about this new first project with our partner Caracol,” said the executive.

The screening was held today, during the second day of the event, at the Cancun Theatre.

Leylifer tells the story of a young Colombian woman living in Spain whose life takes a turn when, on a trip to Istanbul, her Turkish husband disappears and is later found dead. The 120-episode series stars Cuban-American actress Camila Duarte and Turkish actors Can Verel and Pervin Balcı.

In addition to the presentation of Leylifer, Inter Medya is in Cancún with other important titles, such as Deception and The Ivy, as well as with the boost provided by the recent co-production agreement signed with MGE, a distributor that owns the transmission rights for Chile, and More Ros Media.

Details of the first co-production under this agreement will be released in the coming months, promising interesting programming.