Sold in several countries in Latin America, Inter Medya’s Turkish drama will premiere on its first screen in the region with Mega.

Chilean audiences will soon discover another Turkish story with Bitter Lands, the new Turkish drama which is set to premiere on Mega.

Produced by Tims&B Productions and distributed by Inter Medya, the drama will premiere on the Chilean network under the title Züleyha.

Chile will thus become the first country in Latin America to premiere the successful drama, which has already been sold in Argentina, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, US Hispanic, Central America and Mexico.

Located in 1970, the Turkish drama tells the love story between Zuleyha and Yilmaz; a legendary love that begins in Istanbul and continues in the fertile lands of southern Turkey throughout the trials of evil, ambition and tyranny.

It questions whether love is eternal against the realities of life and test the resistance of love and the goodness of the human heart in the midst of a series of turbulent events.