The company acquired Small vs Tall and They Have No Idea What Will Happen from the independent German content house.

Leonine Studios has sold format rights of its highly successful primetime entertainment shows to a number of European key territories, including Spain, where Boomerang TV has acquired the rights to to the wildly successful family entertainment show Small vs Tall and popular primetime game show They Have No Idea What Will Happen.

Leonine also announced that Aito Media, Finland’s leading factual entertainment production house have optioned the rights to the same shows and French media giant Mediawan, acquired both and also took format rights to the high rated show Quiz Without Borders.

“We are really happy and excited that these wildly successful formats, that have been developed by Leonine’s non-fiction production banner i&u TV, are starting to travel internationally,” comments Nina Etspüler, Leonine Studios Co-Head of Entertainment. “The shows have universal appeal and we’re sure that they can repeat their success in other territories.”

Small vs Tall is one of the most successful primetime family entertainment shows in Germany. Children with amazing talents and abilities compete against celebrity contestants. The young competitors each have a very special mental or physical talent. The show is on air for 10 years on Germany’s pubcaster Das Erste and regularly wins its timeslot with up to 6 million viewers overall and a market share with more than 20 %. Most recently, the popular TV format also set a new all-time record in the young target group (14- to 49-year-olds) with up to 1.14 million viewers and a market share of 19.2 % in primetime on Saturday night.

They Have No Idea What Will Happen is a fast-paced, hugely popular primetime game show on Germany’s private network RTL. It’s TV without a safety net, as good as it comes. With Barbara Schöneberger, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk, three of Germany’s most popular hosts are in for an entertaining evening of spontaneity and improvisation. At the beginning of the show, they neither know which of them will moderate the evening, nor what to expect in the individual action and game rounds. They also do not know in which constellation they will work together as a team, which prominent candidates they will compete against or who will be allowed to take home the prize of a total of 50,000 euros at the end. The show regularly tops its primetime slot and draws up to 3.31 million viewers overall with a market share up to 12.8 % and up to 1.49 million viewers and a market share of 20.1 % in the age group 14-49.

Quiz Without Borders brings eight celebrities from eight countries together for a quiz evening among friends. Everyone is playing for their country. And of course they all want to win… because 50,000 euros are at stake! German showmaster Jörg Pilawa presented this very special Saturday prime time show for the first time at the End of 2020. Most recently, the successful show reached an average of 4.5 million viewers and a market share of 16.5 % overall.