Brazil’s pay TV industry continues to lose subscribers at a steady rate, now adding an additional 192,000 losses in August, the second worst number for the sector so far in 2019.

After having lost 170,000 subscribers in July, Brazilian pay TV recorded an even bigger blow during August with the loss of 192,000 subscribers during the month, according to the latest data from the country’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

Thus, pay TV closed the month with 16.34 million subscribers, an 8% drop over the same month last year.

August was also the second worst month in the sector so far in 2019 after May, when 245,000 subscribers were lost.

This time, the most affected operator was Claro Brasil, with a drop of 88,000 customers. Sky followed closely with 78,000 and behind it came Vivo TV with 26,000 less and OiTV with 16,000 less.

Small operators, on the other hand, gained 18,000.