The Railroad Killer has already been licensed by A+E Networks EMEA for broadcast in the UK.

New York-based Big Media, a leading factual production company and channel provider, is partnering with Mexico/Florida-based production company BTF Media to coproduce a true crime series based on the true story of a serial killer who evaded authorities on both sides of the border for 30 years.

The Railroad Killer (5 x 60′) which is being produced in both English and Spanish, has already been licensed by A+E Networks EMEA for broadcast in the UK.

The story showcases the life of Ángel Maturino Reséndiz, who committed dozens of murders in the US and Mexico and remained undetected by illegally traveling on railroad cars of train lines that crossed Texas and the nation’s heartland, and from California to Florida. He was captured and deported back to Mexico on various occasions where it has been estimated that he raped and killed over 60 women. His killing spree was so egregious that he eventually replaced Osama bin Laden as number one on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Viewers will follow the so-called train-hopping serial killer as he continued his murderous spree until a 31-year-old rookie Texas Ranger named Drew Carter put all the pieces together to capture him at last.

The Railroad Killer is a coproduction between Big Media and BTF Media, whose partnership allows the promotion of this incredible true story on a global scale.

“BTF is an important player in the production arena in Latin America and US Hispanic markets. Partnering with them was vital to get the whole story of this horrendous criminal’s decades-long killing rampage as they were able to gain access to Mexican authorities while Big Media had access to American law enforcement,” notes Martin Kase, Co-founder and Head of Production at BIG Media. “We are also excited to be producing this series in both English and Spanish – a first for us. While this will resonate with audiences in the US and Latin America, it is also a story that viewers everywhere will find riveting.”

“Teaming with BIG Media to produce this series in both English and Spanish continues the trend of big stories traveling across borders. Combining our production teams and research teams will create a really special series that will shock audiences across the globe,” said Ricardo Coeto, Founder and Chief Creative Officer for BTF Media.

Big Media and BTF control the worldwide rights for the series, and Big Media will be showcasing the series at Mip TV. The series is available for licensing and other business models worldwide.