With a premiere scheduled for 2023, the new production was filmed in Mexico by BTF Media, directed by Andrés Lizarazo, with executive production by Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero.

Disney+ announced the end of filming for L-POP, a new music and dance-filled series from the Disney+ Original Productions label that follows a young K-pop fan who creates a band and enters a contest to win a trip to Korea, cradle of the musical genre that he is passionate about.

With a premiere scheduled for 2023, the new production is made in Mexico by BTF Media, directed by Andrés Lizarazo, with the executive production of Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero and presents a talented young cast led by actress Andrea de Alba (Andrea), Isan (Ji-Won), Alicia Jaziz (Pau), Arantza Ruiz (Indra), Macarena Oz (Silvana) and Juan Fonsalido (Tomás).

In L-POP, Andrea (de Alba) is considered the number 1 fan of K-pop, the successful pop music genre originating in South Korea. While she would love to live dancing and listening to K-pop, she must divide her time between her passion, her dental studies, and her job at a coffee shop in Mexico City’s Koreatown. When she finds out about the launch of a dance contest whose prize is a trip to Korea, Andrea decides to form the best K-pop dance cover group together with Indra (Ruiz), her best friend, and two new allies: Silvana (Oz ), an aspiring influencer, and Tomás (Fonsalido), an office worker and K-pop expert. With the help of her new group of friends, Andrea embarks on a musical adventure to turn her fantasy into reality. Along the way, she will discover that what you want is worth fighting for, she will form an unforgettable dance team and reconnect with a big dream: to become a K-pop star.

The cast of the new production is completed by Diego Casba (Pablo), Ji Moon (Hye-Jin), Pamela Cervantes (Lety), Rodrigo Rumi (Diego – Disney Bia, Disney Channel), Alberto Casanova (Felipe), and Vanessa Acosta (Margarita ) The episodes also feature special appearances and cameos by prominent figures such as actress Ana Paula Capetillo, and influencer Sujin Kim, better known on social media as “Chinguamiga.”

Composed of six 30-minute episodes, L-POP presents 7 original K-pop songs and a ballad with which it will try to conquer Disney+ audiences with a pure chord aesthetic and dances created by renowned choreographer Guille Gómez together with her agency, Danza 3.

The series, in turn, invites viewers to discover various aspects of Korean culture, through language, cuisine, traditions, and other elements presented in the plot. In this sense, among the locations of the series, a Korean neighborhood built entirely for the production and inspired by the fusion of Korean and Mexican culture stands out. To bring this cultural universe to life, the production was assisted by Korean-Mexican photographer and creative director Seo Ju Park.

Framed in a fast-paced, fun story filled with colorful characters, L-POP tackles themes like passion for music, the intensity that comes with being a fan, the value of teamwork, the end of adolescence, and the importance of going after Dreams. The arrival of L-POP on Disney+ is in line with The Walt Disney Company Latin America’s commitment to developing locally relevant content, in alliance with Latin production houses and starring renowned talent from the region.