The production company led by Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero will adapt Fabián Bielinsky’s successful film, starring Ricardo Darín and Gastón Pauls, for television.

The film Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens), turned into a modern Argentine classic, will inspire a television series produced by BTF Media.

According to Variety, the production company founded by Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero has acquired the rights to adapt the feature film written and directed by Fabián Bielinsky.

After its theatrical release in 2000, Nine Queens became an unexpected phenomenon, achieving impressive commercial success and unanimous critical approval, which raised it as a masterpiece. The film received 29 international award nominations, of which it won 21.

The success earned it a remake in Hollywood: Criminal, directed by Gregory Jacobs and released in 2004.

In Nine Queens, Ricardo Darín (The Secret in Their Eyes, Wild Tales) and Gastón Pauls (Escape,Todos contra Juan) are two small-time scammers who meet by chance and decide to join together in the opportunity of their lives: to swindle a stamp collector with a collection of half a million dollars.

“We are delighted to bring such an iconic piece back to light. This remake will also be legendary,” said Coeto.

“It is a clever story, full of twists, very enjoyable to watch. We are very confident that it will attract a large audience,” added Paco Cordero.

BTF Media thus adds a new ambitious project to its portfolio of series in development or pre-production. Among those announced are the television adaptation of Los otros, by Alejandro Amenábar; the adaptation of the book The Authentic Odessa; the co-productions Centauro del norte, Femicidios and Cazadores de milagros; the biographical series of Joaquín Sabina and Isabel Pantoja; or the developments of the new BTF Chile: Raza brava, Voces anónimas and the second season of Una historia necesaria.

In addition, the production company is preparing the next premieres of Maradona: Sueño Bendito (Amazon Prime Video) and La muchacha que limpia (HBO Max and Space).