The adaptation of the novel by Carlos García Miranda is already in the script development stage, written by the author himself.

Buendía Estudios and Malvalanda are already working on the adaptation of “Conexo”, the successful novel by Carlos García Miranda.

The series is currently in the script development stage, written by the author himself.

Carlos Therón (Los reyes de la noche, Look What You’ve Done) will direct the eight-episode young-adult fiction.

Sonia Martínez (Veneno, The Cook of Castamar), José María Caro (The Cook of Castamar, La Templanza), David Troncoso (Veneno, By Ana Milán) at Buendía Estudios, together with María del Puy (Mother, El agente topo) at Malvalanda, to executive produce.

A mystery and adventure series about the search for identity in adolescence, where friendship and love are the drivers of the story.

Eva, Sam, Noel, Sabina, Gabi and Ana, six troubled teenagers, survive a train accident in the mountains, but no one comes to their rescue. Apparently they never left their homes. In Conexo there are now other kids, identical to them, although with different personalities, living their lives. Why are they duplicated? What really happened in the mountain tunnel?

Conexo is a fast-paced plot story that, through a fragmented narration, offers the viewer a complex puzzle to solve as the characters try to put together the pieces of their own identity… that seem not to fit at the first time.

Writer of teen novels, Carlos García Miranda has also scriptwrited for some of the latest Spanish young-adult series such as Física o Química: el reencuentro, Paraíso, Los Protegidos: El regreso, The Boarding School, Cuerpo de élite and Vive cantando.

He is the author of the novels Conexo, El club de los lectores criminales and Enlazados, all published by Planeta publishing house Crossbooks.