Buendía Estudios, Atresmedia and Suma Latina are already pre-producing Cardo, a new series by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo for Atresplayer Premium. “An impressive generational bestiality”, as defined by “the Javis.”

After the success of Paquita Salas (Flooxer, Netflix) and the consolidation as talented storytellers with the phenomenon Veneno (Atresplayer Premium), the Javis -as the pair formed by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo are known- are preparing a new series for Atresplayer Premium: Cardo.

According to Variety, Cardo is a production by Buendía Estudios, Atresmedia TV and the Javis production company, Suma Latina. The executive producers, for each company, will be Sonia Martínez, Montse García and the Javis.

The fiction will reflect on the socially accepted canons of feminine beauty and the emptiness of the millennial generation, made up of young people who today are around 30 years old.

The six-episode series is the brainchild of actress Ana Rujas and screenwriter and director Claudia Costafreda, who have already worked with Calvo and Ambrossi on other projects.

Costafreda will also be the director of Cardo, currently in pre-production and whose shooting is scheduled for this year.

It should be remembered that Calvo and Ambrossi have an exclusive agreement with Atresmedia Studios (absorbed by Buendía Estudios), from where Veneno has emerged. Another fiction project revealed is a series for TNT Spain centered on a Miss coming unless she returns to her town 40 years after her.


The series will tell the story of an actress in her thirties in the midst of a crisis: she has problems with drugs, is on the verge of bankruptcy, has a toxic relationship with sex and hates her body.

Faced with such a feeling of emptiness, she tries to take the course of her life. She leaves the sordid world she was immersed in and sets out to help Puri, a 75-year-old woman whose flower shop, in a working-class neighborhood of Madrid, is about to be closed.

After a humiliating encounter with her last partner, an accident will change her life and force her to face some uncomfortable truths.