The Turkish drama has been on the air for six months on Chilevisión as Pasión Prohibida, registering an average rating of 7.2 points.

Every afternoon, the Chilevisión network is filled with drama, love and revenge with the Turkish drama Pasión prohibida, the new favorite in the afternoons.

The fiction that has been on the air for almost six months and that tells the story of Yildiz and Zaeynep, two very close sisters, has been increasing its audience, and today it is one of the audience’s favorites, averaging 7.2 rating points, which which places it in second place in the afternoon timeslot.

The drama has presented an upward trend since Chilevisión last April 3 extended its episodes until 8:30 p.m., and has managed to shorten the gap with first place.

Likewise, when comparing the average of Pasión prohibida so far in April (between the 3rd and 20th of this month) versus the average for March, a 29% growth in the rating is observed.

In the same block (6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.), Mega averages 8.7, TVN, 6.9, and Channel 13, 6.2 points.

Distributed internationally by Calinos Entertainment with Forbidden Fruit, the drama is a Med Yapim production and is currently airing on Fox Turkey in its sixth season.