Coming from selling over 18,000 hours of TV content in 2022, the Turkish distributor seeks to continue the trend with its newest bet for the international market.

Turkish distributor Calinos Entertainment announced it has sold nearly 18.000 television hours of programming in 2022 and has increased its strength in the US with new major OTT platform deals.

Establishing “Corazon Turco”, a new channel offering the best series from its catalogue for Pluto TV, Calinos Entertainment continues to widen its presence in the region.

In addition, produced by Medyapim, Forbidden Fruit continues its phenomenal success with its sixth season on Fox Turkey and has been sold to Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Poland, Puerto Rico and the US in 2022.

Adela, The Rising Star of Calinos’ Catalogue in 2023

Romanian phenomenon Adela; which had its final with its fifth season on Antenna 1, was initially presented at Mipcom 2022 and has met with huge global interest.

Produced by Ruxandra Ion and Dream Film Production, Adela, the adaptation of Turkish Drama O Hayat Benim / That is My Life, will be the new rising star of Calinos’ catalogue in 2023.