The Turkish distributor announced a great start of the year with multiple sales for its top dramas around the world, including TC Televisión in Ecuador.

Calinos Entertainment announced it sold over 11,000 TV hours of programming in 2020 and has achieved a successful and quick start to the new year with a mass of new deals during the first weeks of 2021.

Forbidden Fruit, produced by Medyapim, continues its phenomenal success in its 4th season on FOX Turkey, has been sold to 2 more countries: it will be broadcast on TV2 Media in Hungary and Planet TV in Slovenia.

Additionally, agreements have been made with Hungary’s Mediavivantis media group for No: 309, which is produced by Gold Yapim, and Woman, one of Calinos’s most successful titles has been sold to Latvia’s Tet Sia channel .

Another successful drama, Our Story, produced by Medyapim and broadcasted on FOX, was licensed to Ecuador’s TC Televisión, Bangladesh Deepto and Sri Lanka’s Hiru TV channels during the first days of 2021.

Further more, another drama that Calinos recently added to its catalogue which is also produced by Medyapim and broadcasted on FOX Turkey, Better Together , has met with its viewers on both Alsat and Sitel channels in Macedonia. In addition to Israel’s Achla TV channel has acquired the rights for Second Chance, which is produced by Pastel Film as well as 5 other films priduced by BKM, including Jolly Life and Toll Booth Clerk.