The hit Turkish series The Girl Named Feriha, A Love Story, Untold Truths, That’s My Life and In Love Again will premiere on TV Sucesso, marking the first time a broadcast TV network in the country offers Turkish dramas.

For the first time in Mozambique, a free television channel will present Turkish content to its audience.

Starting this Monday, June 29, 2020, TV Sucesso will include a slot of three hours a day (6, 8, 9pm) in its programming that will occupy three successful Turkish series, recently acquired from Turkish distributor Calinos Entertainment.

The network closed a deal with Calinos of 629 hours of programming, which includes the following titles: The Girl Named Feriha, A Love Story, Untold Truths and seasons 1 and 2 of That’s My Life and In Love again.

“I am positive our product will support TV Successo to keep as a leader channel on the telenovela time slots. That is what makes the client do invest in acquiring into the Turkish content”, commented Duda Rodrigues, Sales Manager (Latam),

Gabriel Jr. CEO of TV Sucesso, assured that the announcement on social networks of the premiere of these soap operas has been the most commented post in the country’s television history. The channel has also intensively prepared the debut of the new “Turkish Time Slot” with special segments in its regular programming and through the Internet, with the realization of several Facebook LIVES.