The channels will be offered through the Canela Kids app, featuring over 3000 hours of programming.

Canela Media, a leading, minority-owned technology driven company committed to redefining digital media experiences for the Hispanic community, announced today the availability of Canela Kids, a stand-alone mobile app featuring over 3,000 hours of children’s programming in Spanish.

Canela Kids is available for iOS and Android for free.

Canela Kids offers premium content from some of the world’s most recognized franchises such as Cocomelon, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Garfield, The Air Bud franchise and much more. The app has seven channels of content with over 40 new titles from top global content providers including exclusive premieres, originals and co-productions such as Club Mundo Kids.

Also featured at launch will be the Canela Kids Dance Challenge where parents can submit videos of their children’s best dance moves – ages 2-12 years of age – for a chance featured on the app.

“Canela Kids was created with the aim to provide Latino parents with content in Spanish that is both entertaining and fun for their kids and at the same time, a vehicle to preserve their language and culture. As a Latina mother that is proud of our roots this project is very meaningful for my own family and it is my personal hope that Canela Kids will be equally meaningful for all Latino families who want to retain their language, learn more about our culture and have an impact in the future of building a more equitable USA,” said Isabel Rafferty Zavala, co-founder & CEO of Canela Media. “We have carefully curated all the content available on the app to provide the best experience for children in Spanish and we are incredibly proud to launch the Canela Kids App with the advertising support of some major brands, including Mattel.”

Canela Kids features programming for every age group from 0 to 12 years old. It also offers filters enabling parents to sort content by age group and curate the content available to their children.

“Canela Kids is perfect for families on the go, designed specifically for the modern, digital kid and Hispanic parents,” said Maggie Salas-Amaro, Director of Canela Kids. “We created the Canela Kids App to reflect today’s consumption habits for kids. We have done so with content that is authentic and relevant with timely storylines about friendships, fun ways to learn and embark on great adventures with the imagination.”