Ending rumors of a potential change of venue for Miptv, Reed Midem and the Palais de Festivals signed an agreement that extends their alliance for five additional years.

Reed Midem and the French city of Cannes announced a five-year extension to their current agreement, thus ending speculation about a potential new location for Miptv.

The agreement includes six events organized by Reed Midem, starting with the new edition of Miptv, as well as Mipcom in October, and will culminate in 2024.

The extension to the alliance was signed on December 9 by Paul Zilk, CEO of Reed Midem, and Claire-Anne Reix and Didier Boidin of the Palais des Festivals.

Reed Midem organized its first Miptv in Cannes in 1965. Today, the Palais des Festivas in Cannes is host to six annual events organized by the group: Miptv and Mipcom, in addition to Midem, Mipim, Mapic and the eSports Bar.

And while Mipcom has remained one of the most important events of the year, Miptv has suffered a decline in attendees in an increasingly busy annual event agenda.

This new agreement not only puts an end to the rumors of a potential new city for Miptv -Barcelona was the main candidate-, which had been denied by the organization of the event in October along with announcements of changes in its agenda, but also reinforces the commitment of both groups in the event.

As part of the changes announced by Reed Midem, Miptv 2020 will be carried out entirely within the Palais, in a smaller space, and will have an agenda focused mainly on buyers.