RCN announced the sale of its teen series to Netflix, which ordered its 120 episodes with dubbing in six languages.

RCN’s hit teen series, Chica vampiro, continues to grow six years after its original premiere with its arrival on Netflix.

The platform commissioned all 120 episodes of the series, which will be available with local dubbing in regions such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Russia, Latin America and Brazil.

Chica vampiro tells the story of Daisy (Greeicy Rendón), a girl who goes to school, has fun, dances, dreams of a singer’s career and to continue next to Max (Santiago Talledo) in a love that lasts lifetime.

However, she has something that is not very common: her mother and father are vampires and, after a tragedy, she also becomes one, thus unleashing all kinds of situations to hide her new condition from her beloved.

“With this important announcement, RCN Television and Brands & Rights 360 (B & R360) continue to expand the reach of this youth series, already broadcast in more than 20 countries,” they said from RCN.