The Brazilian series will debut on the Chilean screen on Monday, September 27.

TVN announced that next Monday, September 27, immediately after Wounded Souls, it will premiere on its screen Génesis, a Brazilian telenovela from Record TV.

“We believe that Génesis will resonate with our audiences because it addresses great stories that are part of the mainstream culture; Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, are stories known to all, as well as Moses and the 10 Commandments,” said Isabel Rodríguez, TVN Programming Director.

Genesis is carried out in seven phases that seek to show the creation of the world and the first 2,300 years of humanity. With God as the narrator, the story begins with the fall of Lucifer and the life of Adam and Eve in Eden, to continue with Noah and the Flood, The Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Joseph of Egypt.

Production featured a cast of more than 250 actors, 8,500 extras, 1,040 stuntmen and more than 300 people behind the scenes. The fiction also has top-tier special effects, cinematographic treatment, a total of 11,000 square meters of recording sets built in Brazil and filming that includes Mount Atlas and the Sahara desert in Morocco.

Written by Camilo Pellegrini, Raphaela Castro and Stephanie Ribeiro, the fiction has Edgard Miranda in the general direction, and its first stage stars Carlo Porto in the role of Adán and Juliana Boller as Eva. Caín, meanwhile, is played by Eduardo Speroni and Abel by Caio Manhente, while Lucifer comes to life as actor Igor Rickli.

Génesis began its broadcast in Brazil in January this year and achieved the highest audience for a Record telenovela in the last five years. In addition, in its first semester on the air, it has had a reach of more than 120 million people.