Turner’s Chilean network revealed the first details of El discípulo del chef, the new format that’s in development through a deal with The Mediapro Studio.

Announced in mid-June, the co-production alliance between Chilevision and Mediapro is moving forward, with its first project almost done.

Titled El discípulo del chef, the cooking format will premiere in Chile and then be distributed in the international market.

Developed in collaboration with Phileas Productions, the format presents a competition between three famous chefs and a group of 24 contestants.

They will be divided into three groups, each led by one of the three renowned chefs. In the case of Chile, they will be Yann Yvin, Ennio Carota and Sergio Arola, as announced by Chilevision.

“In this format, for the first time chefs will go from being judges to being competitors. They will face each other and put their prestige into play to defend their disciples,” said Sergio Nakasone, director of Entertainment Content Development at Turner Latam, who said the premiere date will be revealed “soon.”

The format is part of the five-year global agreement signed between The Mediapro Studio and Turner Latin America for the development and co-production of cross-platform content for Latin America.

This agreement contemplates a total investment of 9 million euros.

In addition to El discipulo del chef, the companies are already working on the production of the 8-episode drama series Las Bravas F.C.