The partnership contemplates, in the first instance, the production of two animated series. The first will premiere in 2026.

Cisneros Kids announced the start of a partnership with Mexican toy company Distroller to create, produce, and distribute two new intellectual properties inspired by the brand’s best-selling toy lines, such as the popular Ksi-meritos. The first CGI animated series for preschoolers will be launched in 2026.

The partnership includes the production of two animated series, Nerlies: Space Babies, inspired by its successful Ksi-meritos line, and Chamoy & Besties. The purpose of this union is to develop a comprehensive strategy that includes licensing, content production and strategic media placement.

Both will be developed by Emmy-nominated writers Elise Allen for Nerlies: Space Babies and Sindy Boveda for Chamoy & Besties. Award-winning industry veteran and showrunner Josh Fisher, along with Ailing Zubizarreta of Cisneros Kids and the creative minds at Distroller, under the guidance of Maribel Préstamo.

Jonathan Blum, president of Cisneros Media, mentioned that as children’s content evolves, they are staying ahead of the curve, and partnering with Distroller is part of this strategy. “To reach kids wherever they are employing dynamic storytelling. Together we will create an epic global franchise and an enduring brand,” he assured.

For his part, Hugo Plessy, CEO of Distroller, added that the collaboration with Cisneros introduces a fresh perspective to our commercial strategy. “It injects joy and vitality into this long-term venture for new generations and aligns with the dream of our founder, Amparin, in bringing our toys and stories to life,” he said.

Nerlies: Space Babies, inspired by her successful Ksi-meritos line, features Ampi, a shy and quirky 7-year-old girl. Her life takes a 360-degree turn when she becomes responsible for three space babies. As she deals with their hilarious antics, Ampi gains confidence, comes to terms with her uniqueness, and finds the courage to be herself.

The spiky tone of Chamoy and Amiguis arrives with Chamoy & Besties, a great explosion of friendship, comedy, and adventure, where four girls find the extraordinary within the ordinary and form a super-mega-Kul and surprising bond as they realize they are the only ones who can see all the magical creatures in the school.