Together they aim to transform the successful book series into a captivating live-action adventure.

Cisneros Kids and Trustbridge Entertainment are teaming up for an exciting new venture, announcing a co-development deal for the beloved book trilogy “Merci Suárez” by Meg Medina.

Together they aim to transform the successful book series into a captivating live-action adventure. The Merci Suárez series follows the journey of Mercedes Merci Suárez, a Cuban-American tween navigating the challenges of middle school. Audiences will connect with Merci as she grapples with personal relationships, family dynamics, and community interactions.

This coming-of-age tale resonates with a wide and diverse audience, offering heartfelt moments, humor, and insightful glimpses into the middle school galaxy told from a unique perspective.

Cisneros Kids understands the nuances of multicultural storytelling with universal appeal. By developing successful global IP’s that stand the test of time.

Trustbridge Entertainment brings a wealth of experience in developing content for children and family audiences, showcasing their expertise in nurturing intellectual properties.

Meg Medina, the National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature, is the talented author behind the “Merci Suárez” series. With numerous awards and New York Times best-sellers under her belt, Medina’s storytelling prowess ensures a rich and engaging on-screen adaptation. Meg is represented by Sugar23 and Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

“I’m over the moon to know that the world I created in the Merci Suarez novels is in the hands of Trustbridge Entertainment and Cisneros Kids, whose team has shown such vision and passion for the project right from the start. The Suárezes are a large and loving Latino family who won readers’ hearts. Now, I look forward to seeing the many talented storytellers and actors who’ll help bring them to life on screen.” expressed Meg Medina.

The collaboration between Cisneros Kids, Trustbridge Entertainment, and Meg Medina promises to deliver a compelling and authentic portrayal of Merci Suárez’s adventures, captivating audiences of all ages. Cisneros understands the power of universal storytelling, honing this craft for over six decades. Representation is not just a checkbox but an integral part of authentic storytelling says Ailing Zubizarreta, Head of Development for Cisneros Kids.

“Meg Medina’s Merci Suárez is a beautifully authentic exploration of family and growing up…it’s funny, heartfelt and real. The team at Cisneros really gets it and has an intimate understanding of Merci’s Cuban-American experience, which made this partnership ideal,” said Bob Higgins, president of Trustbridge Entertainment.