The format will premiere via CJ ENM-launched OTT platform TVING in Korea on April 12th.

Leading entertainment company CJ ENM will introduce at this year’s Miptv a brand new studio game show The Time Hotel, to follow The Genius Game, The Great Escape, and High School Mystery Club.

Officially premiering via CJ ENM-launched OTT platform TVING on April 12th, time is the only currency used in The Time Hotel. Everything in this hotel can be bought with time instead of money, and guests are checked out once they run out of time. From psychological warfare to physical matches, guests in this unique place compete to earn as much time as possible through an unprecedented variety of games. The diverse personalities of the cast will be showcased on the show, with each contestant employing their tactics to survive, from forming alliances to using deception and even conspiracy. The winner who successfully manages their time until the end will receive a grand prize of up to 3 billion won.

Previously, CJ ENM proved to be a format powerhouse by creating all-time favorite game shows, such as The Genius Game, a 4 seasoned show where contestants from different professions gather to compete against each other in a battle of intelligence, strategy, and social influence, to be the last person standing, The Great Escape, a reality entertainment show that takes place in a locked stage designed to remain locked, and High School Mystery Club that gained a huge success with its iconic concept of a mystery adventure where a team of girl detectives solves a series of cases in school. In addition, CJ ENM is also home to the world traveling mystery music guessing game show I Can See Your Voice.

With its distinct concept of a survival game set in a hotel and a cast with diverse capabilities, The Time Hotel is set to become another legendary game show, eagerly awaited by mystery entertainment enthusiasts. Diane Min, the Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM, mentioned that “We are proud to introduce our latest format The Time Hotel at MIPTV 2023. Fans can expect to be thrilled with the unpredictable plots and astounding twists that have become a hallmark of CJ ENM productions.”

Meanwhile, the show will premiere on April 12th in Korea and via CJ ENM-launched OTT platform TVING.