Nickelodeon’s hit teen series, produced by Viacom International Studios (VIS) and Rainbow Group, will be available through the Kidz Channel.

Viacom International Studios (VIS) announces the signing of a deal with Kidz Channel, the leading children’s channel in Israel, for the broadcast of the musical series Club 57, co-produced by VIS and Rainbow Group.

The series premiered in Latin America on Nickelodeon and in Italy on the RAI network, achieving great ratings on both pay TV and free-to-air TV. In Argentina, it ranked #1 on Nickelodeon and also on the leading free-to-air television channel, Telefe, in its time slot. The series’ music videos have been highly successful on the brand’s YouTube channel.

“We are proud that Kidz Channel is adding our teen series Club 57 to its lineup; it fits perfectly with the content of the channel and its audiences will be able to enjoy an entertaining and fun series, produced with the highest standards quality,” said Guillermo Borensztein, VP of Sales and Co-productions of VIS. “We are sure this acquisition will open new opportunities for other children’s content we have in our catalog.”

Club 57 follows the adventures of Eva and her brother Rubén, who are accidentally transported themselves to the year 1957. They try everyhting they can to return home, until Eva falls in love with JJ and decides to stay in the past, unleashing a butterfly effect that changes their lives. With a mix of music, dancing, and time travel adventures, Eva must now figure out a way to return to the present without giving up her first love.

The series has an international cast led by the Venezuelan actress, Evaluna Montaner (Eva), the Italian actor Riccardo Frascari (JJ), Sebastián Silva (Rubén) from Colombia, Martín Barba (Aurek) from Mexico, Cuban-American actress Isabella Castillo (Amelia), Angela Rincón (Sofía) from Venezuela, Carolina Mestrovic (Vero) from Chile, and Colombian actor Andrés Mercado (Manuel), among others.

The Club 57 soundtrack was composed and produced by singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner, winner of the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence, authors and producers Mau y Ricky, and Colombian singer-songwriter, Camilo Echeverry.

The series was created by screenwriter Catharina Ledeboer, author of multiple hits for Nickelodeon, including Every Witch Way (four seasons), WITS Academy, and Talia in the Kitchen for Nickelodeon USA; and three successful seasons of Grachi, Nickelodeon Latin America’s teen telenovela.

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