As its America Focus Country, US Hispanic joins France, the European selection, for the new edition of Conecta Fiction, which will offer a thorough vision of both markets’ TV industries.

The US, and especially the US Hispanic market, will be the star of this year’s Conecta Fiction, which will take place at the Baluarte Congress Palace in Pamplona-Iruña (Navarra, Spain) from June 22 to the 25, 2020.

The US Hispanic market is joining France, recently named European Focus Country for the event, which will offer a diverse and thorough view of the industries of two countries from each side of the Atlantic.

In only three editions, Conecta Fiction has established itself as the epicenter of the co-production of fiction series between the European and American continents.

To carry out the program dedicated to the US, Conecta Fiction will have the cooperation and support of different organizations and entities that represent and promote the interests of producers and talent in this market, as well as Latino organizations and media in this country where almost 60 million people speak Spanish.

“The US Hispanic television, and of course those responsible for the production of series and co-productions, will have a special place within Conecta Fiction 2020,” said Géraldine Gonard, director of Conecta Fiction.

“All of them have participated in our event every year, since its first edition. They have come with their content for a rigorous premiere in Europe, with their best projects under the arm and eager to co-produce and establish new business relationships through the platform we provide them. They are largely part of the success of Conecta Fiction. The main operators of the Latin American community, both channels and producers and talent in the broadest sense of the word, will be this year at the June meeting,” she added.


The Conecta Fiction conference program will contain sessions and conferences about the evolution of the television series industry in the last five years in the US, the importance of the bilingual community and its preferences, and the mixture of these two cultures in the industry of content among other topics that also contemplate the options of co-production with the US.

One of the keys to understanding the North American market is talent agencies. These companies – one of the most powerful forces in the entertainment industry – act as business intermediaries and advisors, and their services include promotion, public relations and even project development.

Thus, Conecta Fiction will offer interesting content about the role of talent agents in the US and especially in US Hispanic, identifying the most important players and especially those who are most open to contract with international clients.

The fourth edition of Conecta Fiction has the support of the government of Navarra through NICDO (Navarra of Cultural, Sports and Leisure Infrastructures) and SODENA (Development Company of Navarra) and the SGAE Foundation, and has the collaboration of CLAVNA (Cluster Audiovisual Navarra) and NAPAR (Association of Producers and Professionals of Audiovisual of Navarra). Inside Content is responsible for the design and production of the event.