From June 15 to 18, participants will be able to access the platform, “a virtual space created to generate real and effective connections.” Inscriptions are now open.

Conecta Fiction continues to share details of its hybrid edition for this year, named Conecta Fiction Reboot and which will be held in two formats: online from June 15 to 18, and on September 2 and 3 in person in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain), with focus on the pitching sessions.

Thus, after announcing the opening of accreditations and their rates, the organization has now offered all the details of its virtual platform, “specially designed to serve those who need to find partners, seal co-production alliances and expand their network of contacts effective”.

Participants will be able to access the online platform from the Conecta Fiction website, which will have personalized management to meet the needs of each participant in a differentiated way.

“The goal is to offer a professional connection solution that is real and feasible, because right now it is needed more than ever,” said Géraldine Gonard, director of Conecta Fiction Reboot.


The platform will offer two interaction zones: in community, where professionals can choose to attend the various activities of the program; or personalized, where they can connect with counterparts in the sector to exchange problems and solutions, contrast strategies, encourage debate or ask for recommendations for facing the current challenges of the sector.

In the Conecta Networking area, participants will find three private spaces: The Fiction Box, an online space for connecting with accredited parties (profile, personalized agenda, program, list of participants, matchmaking, file access); the Meet Up 1: 1, to hold meetings between executives; and the Speed-Dating 1: 5, where group meetings of up to five people, with investors and commissioners, among others, will take place after registration.

On the other hand, in the common access area for all participants, live events, talks and presentations of international appeal will be offered – at a time compatible with the different time zones in Europe and America.

In addition, the organization revealed that all the content of the community can also be viewed later by those participants who cannot connect at the scheduled time.