Uruguayan network Teledoce announced it will adapt the Endemol Shine format under the name Trato hecho, hosted by local football star, Sebastián “Loco” Abreu.

Teledoce in Uruguay announced it will adapt the Endemol Shine format, Deal or no Deal.

It will be titled Trato hecho and be hosted by local football star, Sebastián “Loco” Abreu.

This is a new bet by Teledoce on an international format, after positive experiences with Master Class by Keshet or My Name Is, also by Endemol Shine.

According to Mateo Cardoso, general manager of Teledoce, Trato hecho be “the big bet” of the channel for the remainder of 2019.

“It is a show that programming chose, fought and searched for. Now we are in pre-production and knowing that Sebastian is going to lead it is a plus for the channel,” said Alexandra Morgan, Teledoce’s production manager.

In Deal or No Deal, each participant must choose one of 26 briefcases, each with sums of money allocated at random. Then, they must select the rest of the briefcases one by one to reveal their content. Throughout the game the player is offered an amount of money or prizes to leave.

If the contestant rejects each deal and removes all other briefcases, they will keep the original briefcase and the money inside. Therefore, the contestant will win depending on whether the money inside the briefcase is higher or lower than the amounts offered in the deals.

Its arrival in Uruguay is part of the “revival” process that the format is going through, which recently returned to the US, Brazil and Mexico, among other territories.