The EVP spoke to ttvnews at Mipcom about the localization company’s new facilities in Madrid, which were officially inaugurated just this past Friday and present an outstanding opportunity for growth for The Kitchen’s international business.

*By Ana Paula Carreira, from Cannes, France

This edition of Mipcom is proving to be a very special one for The Kitchen, which just the Friday prior to the event opened its brand new studios in Madrid, Spain; a major milestone in the localization company’s international growth.

“On Friday night we had our soft opening of the new Kitchen Spain”, Deeny Kaplan, EVP of The Kitchen, said to ttvnews during Mipcom in Cannes. “It’s beautiful, the team really did a great job putting it together.”

The executive highlighted the importance of the new facilities as it being the company’s first European hub, which will complement all the work done in its headquarters in Miami. ”

“It’s our first European hub, where we are able to work closer, in the same time zone, with clients. So if someone sends material to any of our European studios, we can do it right away as opposed to waiting for Miami”, she explained.

This isn’t the first time The Kitchen has landed in Spain with its own offices, as five years ago the company opened its first European sales office in the country, “which proved to be very successful”, she said. “So having our hub there for our Castilian dubbing makes so much sense. We are now able to work 24 hours a day to provide services for all of our clients.”

“We are doing so much work in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hugary, Turkey… And we are trying to open new facilities in other countries as well”, she added.

Speaking of expansion, the Spanish hub was launched with growth already in the plans, in a building designed to allow the company to expand as needed. “It has two dubbing suites and three mixing suites, a sound stage and room to grow for about 10 more studios if we need it. That’s very exciting,” she explained.

“We have a staff of 9 people full time in Spain. In the next couple months we will probably be adding more. We have great associations with all the actos and directors,”

“We are growing as the industry grows, able to provide everything our clients need. And we will be opening our doors in Spain with TPN approval, which is very important. We want to grow and service our clients with everything they may want to do. So our hub in Europe gives us the opportunity to expand as we need to,” she concluded.

The Kitchen Spain is located at Calle Zabaleta 15, Bajo Local (28002) in Madrid.