Destan, ATV’s Star Title for Global Audiences

One of the most anticipated series of the new Turkish TV season, Destan is the star of ATV Distribution’s catalog for MipCancun 2021, thanks to its spectacular production values and a great cast led by renowned actress Ebru Şahin.

ATV Distribution is confident about the international potential of Destan, a title that ATV has bet on for this last quarter of the year.

“Destan is a huge production that we have been working on for over a year,” Emre Görentas, Assistant Content Sales Manager at ATV Distribution, told ttvnews. “We will probably release it before the end of November. We’ve shown promos and it has already sparked interest around the world,” he added.

The series follows the story of Akkuz, a woman who tries to kill Korkut Khan with a bow shot, but with no luck, because the arrow that pierces the Khan’s heart does not take his life and makes Akkuz a slave to her enemy’s son, the disabled prince Batuga. As she fights for her freedom, Akkuz will write a legendary story with Batuga.

Destan, which means “epic” or “legendary” in Turkish, maintains its original name for the international market, arriving with the promise of becoming a huge success. Already at Mipcom, where it was presented several weeks before its premiere, ATV Distribution managed to close an important worldwide agreement with international Arab platform Noor Play.

“We have worked with Noor Play before, they are a great partner for ATV. They will have Destan on their platform and will broadcast it simultaneously with its premiere in Turkey. This is very exciting news for us,” said Görentas.

“Destan is an ideal title for international markets and its protagonist, Ebru Şahin, is very well known after her role in Hercai”, adds the executive, who highlighted the value of having a powerful story led by a woman.

“The main audience for the most successful Turkish series in Latin America is the female audience,” Görentas analyzes. “If you have a series oriented towards women you will find success. In Destan, the main character is a woman and her story is one of empowerment.”

Among the other outstanding series for MipCancun within the ATV catalog is For My Family, which already has a closed an agreement to be released at the end of the year in Chile.

For My Family is a drama that follows the life of Kadir and her three younger siblings, one who is seriously upset after the sudden death of her parents. The rich and flirtatious Akif Atakul, guilty of the tragedy, assumes the responsibility of providing work and education to Kadir and his siblings.

“This year was very productive for us in Latin America, we closed multiple deals and our series are on the air in practically all the countries of the region,” says Görentas, who also talks about how digitization is advancing in the region: “Before we worked only with open TV, but now we are adding to digital platforms and we will soon announce agreements that we have already closed with them”.

“All of our sales were with traditional broadcasters and now this is changing. It is little by little, but the trend is growing. Today traditional TV continues to lead, but in three or four years the platforms can surpass them,” he concluded.